Flooding happens at least once in every household. The situation of water damage affects your floors and carpets the worst. You may start panicking at the sight of water clogging in your house. What’s even worse is you start calculating the probability of saving your carpets and the cost of replacement.

Don’t worry, carpet water damage Canberra can be dealt with at home wisely. All you need to do is follow some tips to save your belongings from being deteriorated.

Here are some useful tips you should remember when you faced water damage at your home!

Know The Types of Water

Most people advise fixing the water source before doing anything. However, we advise you to check the type of water you are getting into. There are three categories of water that has a different level of contamination, and these are:

Clean Water- clean water is somewhat safe and free from allergens and dirt. This water is often from a clean source like tap water or leakage from supply pipes.

Greywater- greywater is slightly contaminated with dirt and grime. Its source mainly includes bath, sink, and washing machine overflow. You should take precautions before dealing with greywater.

Black Water- this is the most dangerous category of water as it is highly contaminated and contains corrosive materials. Sewage water, toilet backflow, and flood water are considered black water which you should not deal with by yourself.

Search for Water Source

You should search for the source of water and try to fix it after analyzing the type of water that has flooded your house.

Ifit’s a faulty appliance you should find a temporary solution for stopping the water flow. For other problems, you should call experts immediately. Make sure you approach professionals for water damaged carpet services before it’s too late.

Avoid Walking on the Wet Carpet

Walking on a wet carpet should be a big NO. Your shoes have a lot of dirt and grime which can get ingrained in the wet carpet. Make sure you don’t do any kind of activity on your water damaged carpet as its condition can get worse and the risk of mold growth can become serious.

Dry Out the Flooded Area

Try to remove the standing water from your rooms. Use wipers, or powerful vacuum cleaners for extracting water. You can try putting rice sacks on the wet carpet so it can absorb the moisture from the carpets.Open up doors, windows, and fans so your space can start drying up quickly.

Look for Mold Growth

Mold growth can start happening within 24 hours of moisture damage. If your carpet has been soaked in the water for over 1-2 days then mold growth would have started. It is important to get rid of moisture damage as your carpets can get permanently damaged by mold and mildew growth.

It is necessary to get water damaged carpet repair Canberra before you need to go for carpet replacement.

Toss Damaged Items

Get rid of the damaged items from your house. Your floorings can be home toseveral items like toys, doormats, small furniture, and so on. Check the level of damage these items has suffered.

If the flooding situation was under your control, then you can consider repairing and restoration of the items. Else, if the belongings have been soaked in the water for days, especially in grey or black water, consider throwing them away.

Call Professionals

Don’t think twice before availing of carpet water damage repair Canberra. The team of experts arrives quickly at your location within an hour and gets the situation under control. They can thoroughly clean the carpet and sanitize them for removing bacteria.

Experts have powerful tools and devices that remove moisture and clean your carpets without damaging them. Make sure you follow professional tips for taking care of your carpets later on.

Final Words

Follow these tips in case of water damaged carpets. This way you can safely protect your belongings and property from severe property damages. Hire experts from Metro Carpet Repair Canberra and get instant solutions for all your carpet cleaning needs!

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