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Is your carpet ripped all the way around the edges? If this is the case, our carpet seam repair experts can assist you. A well-put carpet seam will stay in place for many years. Seams, on the other hand, can tear if they aren’t properly sealed, ripped apart by force, or if the carpet is old. Carpet Seam Repair, cheap carpet seam repair Jacka, and carpet restretching repair are all areas where our team excels. In addition, our company provides carpet seam repair services 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Metro Carpet Repair Canberra in Jacka experts are IICRC certified and major works in carpet patch repair, carpet torn repair, carpet hole repair, carpet seam repair services & So on. Our Company provides the Same Day Service with 24*7 Customer support for  Commercials, Residential areas in Canberra.

How to Fix Carpet Seam Repair Like a Pro?

  • Place a moist towel over the seam and use a hot steam iron to release its hold if a seam needs to be pulled apart before completing the carpet seam repair. You may remove the old seam tape with the
  • Next, you will want to make sure that all carpet edges are clean, and that all glue residue is completely removed from the seam tape.
  • Carpet seam tape, a seaming iron, and a carpet steam roller are used to repair the seam. Other tools will be required if the carpet needs to be stretched.
  • Apply your iron to the seam tape and carefully press the carpet down while using the iron to weaken the tape’s glue. This action necessitates a steady hand (and a little expertise with seam tape doesn’t hurt either).
  • The hot glue is then forced into the carpet’s backing, and a hefty weight is used to keep everything in place while it cools and hardens.

Metro Carpet Repair Canberra Provides Effective Repair Services in Jacka

Usage of  Carpet Seam Repair in Commercial & residential areas

Your carpets are one of the most long-lasting additions to your house. Rips and tears are more likely to form after months or years of use, particularly in areas with high daily foot traffic. Even if you think the entire room’s carpet has to be replaced, a simple carpet seam repair will suffice. Our carpet seam repair service excels in pet stain repairs, carpet stretching, pet bites, burn holes, rust, and permanent stains, smoothing ruffled carpet, and, of course, fix carpet seam repair.

Benefits of Carpet Burn Repair Jacka

When the carpets cause an issue then most of them are likely to replace it or buy a new one. But, Instead of Replacing them repair of the carpet can be the best option, we can go for? You can hire professionals to get repaired and worth looking at your damaged carpets at a cheaper price.  Some of the benefits our company provides are as follows.

  • Same Day Repair Service – Our company provides the same day service to the customer which adds more life to your carpets by making them stronger than ever.
  • Enhance the Beauty of Carpets – Experts make your carpets more beautiful with quality carpet repairs.
  • Pocket Friendly – Every service of our company is cost-effective. We provide the best service in Canberra & no one is able to notice it and it lasts a lifetime.


Q: How much it costs to repair carpet seam?

A: To provide an accurate price of fixing carpet seam repair, a carpet repair technician will need to assess the cause of the seam. Carpet repair costs range from $150 to $300 on average, with most customers spending around $200 to replace a significant burn damage by stretching the material and utilising the extra to form the patch.

Q: What is the best way to fix carpet joints?

A: Minor repairs include split seams and peaking. The most straightforward solution is to tape or re-glue the afflicted area. Put a substantial amount of glue under the carpet edges, push it into the glue, and then set something heavy on top if you intend to glue the regions. This weights the area down till it dries.

Q: Does carpet repairing work?

A: Small, isolated patches that are frayed, damaged, burnt, or soiled beyond repair are best repaired using carpet patching. It works best in places that are 1 square foot or smaller in size and don’t have a lot of them. You might want to consider re-carpeting the entire room if you have larger or multiple sections.

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